Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So simple even a caveman could do it.

The beautiful summer months have brought about multiple camping trips as of late. I am a strong believer that food just tastes better in general when consumed outside and barefoot. But ya know what makes food even mo betta, cooking it on sizzling hot coals! Something about going back to the basics (even if you are surrounded by 15 RVs) and cooking on a campfire, especially without a pot/pan, really lets you commune with nature. And lets face it when you confidently throw edible objects purposed for consumption on ambers fellow campers stand in awe, which normally makes you feel like a BAMF. So here are a few of my favorite cooked-on-coals foods/recipes.

Before you start you are going to need to start a raging fire. Okay it doesn't have to be raging, but as a slight pyro mine always end up that way. Once you have burned a few big logs you should have some decent ambers/coals. Rake the coals over to one side and the firey/burning logs to the other. Even them out a little and you know have a fantastic cooking surface better than any Sear's sales associate can sell ya on.

  1. Corn on the Cobb- * Crucial note- you need corn still in the husk or you will end up with popcorn*. This one is simple. Place corn on coals. Burn the crap out of it until the side facing down is black (usually about 10 minutes). Flip and repeat. Summer time has the added bonus of providing exceptionally delicious corn which allows for corn on the cobb in its simplest form. However, those who need a lil more flavor can go with the classic salt and butter. For those reclaiming resistance against traditionalism can try one of my newest obsessions Luizianne Cajun Season to, as Emeril would say, kick it up another notch. (VEGAN FRIENDLY)

  2. Banana Boats-Possibly my favorite campfire treat. If you like smores and you like bananas chances are you are going to love this one too. So here is the low down on these lil beauties. Cut the banana lengthwise leaving the banana in the peel. Stuff goodness inside. Now my classic fall backs are chocolate chunks and marshmallows because they are staples in other camping classic smores. However, don't let conventionality hold you down. Anything that melts will be fantastic in these buggers. Have some extra Reese's Minis? How bout some Rollos? Or Mini Snickers? Go wild! Once you cram all the goodness that will fit wrap that baby up in some tin foil and threw it on the coals. Cook for about 5-6 minutes or you smell some the chocolate burning (people with ADD this will be your cue). The best news is that if you put something in the there that maybe you shouldn't have experimented with you have a fire handy to burn that thing up, no evidence left. (Possibly VEGAN FRIENDLY)

  3. Veggie pack- Throw some veggies in a tin foil pack with some seasoning and you've got some natural goodness coming your way in a jiffy. (VEGAN FRIENDLY)

  4. Campfire Hobo Packs- Politically incorrect name, taste bud correct flavor. Again make a tinfoil pouch. Through some rustic vegetables inside (i.e. potatoes, carrots, onions, celery) alongside with beef cubes. Add a little water and some onion soup mix. Seal it up and in 20-30 minutes you hot bag of joy.

So next time your on your way out to the great wilderness or just your backyard try out a few and let me know what you think.


  1. I love banana boats! As soon as I saw that you were writing about campfire foods I scanned the page to see if you had mentioned banana boats, and you didn't disappoint!

  2. Well I am glad that I could appease half of my readership! And yes banana boats are simply amazing.

  3. Teehee... banana boats could be Vegan Friendly... minus the gelatinous mallows... nice and add some veg-friendly chocolate! Plus, I never thought of that pot roast action like action.. subout the beef cubes for some fu, or beans, or wheat gluten sausages and yes friend.. I think that is actually webster's definition of a "hot bag of joy."

    Plus, anything that makes you feel like a BAMF is really a reason in itself... what is that smell??? Did we put something suspect in the banana boats or is that another shirt design I feel coming on???