Sunday, January 17, 2010

New beginnings for the new year

Well I just got back from a quick trip to New York and while I planned to enjoy a relaxing day of football and coffee my plans quickly changed when I got an email saying that I had gotten in to this triathlon training program offered through my job. So although I did get about 7 hours of absolutely laziness I had to get off my lazy butt to go the the Sunday night endurance spin class. I am super excited to participate in this program for several reasons. A) I always do better when I have a training partner, B) I am more likely to drag myself to the gym in the cold when I have someone there to hold me accountable, C) I can get some tips on triathlons. And the best part is that at the end of the program we will be racing in a local sprint tri in May together.
So I have a few goals for this program and my overall fitness.
  • Race time- Swim (400 yd): Under 8 min, Bike (16 miles): Under 1:10, Run (5K): Under 27 min
  • Increase flexibility, specifically in hip/back region
  • Get back to my ideal weight of 160 lbs (Starting weight=172)
  • Be able to perform 10 pullups
  • Be able to perform 50 pushups in 2 min

I might need to adjust these race time goals later as I kind of guesstimated on times based on previous performances. The holiday season has left me with just a little extra weight. I usually feel healthy between 160-165. I typically float around 165 when I'm active so getting back down to that will probably happen within the first month. But getting to 160 is kind of a fight, so really anything under 165 I will be happy with. I added the last two goals to help me comply with the lifting schedule I will perform on my own through the Tri program. I have a little help because my friend is also doing the same program so she will help keep me accountable. I have also decided to blog about this adventure as another way to keep me accountable. I find that if I have to write something down I am more motivated to push myself.

So for this week I already have logged an hour and a half of bike time and 45 minutes of general fitness.

You can't get ahead if you are trying to get even,


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