Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm a smartass and often time my smartass-ness gets me in trouble, but usually its funny. During our first team meeting we did the whole introduce yourself and your state your goals. So of course my goal for this whole tri training thing was to go super fast on race day, which of course got some chuckles from people. Although it was funny, it was also true. I love going fast, I love running/biking/swimming/jumping/cartwheeling past people at a faster pace. Which works for me because I literally have two speed: all out sprint or couch potato crawl.
The first two weeks of training were really fun and I really loved getting back into the pool. But I think that the coach has finally figured out that I might be a little too high-speed for this beginner program designed more for people who just wanted to finish. Good news is he likes a challenge and he likes pushing people to new limits. So during my Monday ride I was informed that in order to go super fast on race day he was going to make me do different workouts. Fast forward to Wednesday where I am now feeling the effects of 4x7 min lactate threshold intervals. But I was totally in the zone just grinding some gears during those 40 min and I LOVED IT! He also discovered that I was doing the beginner swim workout so after completing the Monday workout and then being told to do more, I now have to do the "pro" workout. This basically doubles the workout, but hell go big or go home, right?
I am getting super hyped about tonight's block workout.....I think I have a problem hahaha!!

Just keep swimming!

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