Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Calves of steel...

....well actually my calves feel like jell-o. However, with all this freaking climibing we have been doing in spin class my calves will have no option but to become steel. This Sunday was the first official "Tri Team" meeting. It was great to see the wide variety of people that decided to give it a try. There were undergrad Freshman, faculty and med school students. Some people did cross country in high school, others swam and some just liked to workout and wanted to have a goal to train for.
So yesterday was the first official team practice. An hour spin class followed by a short swim workout. It felt great to get back into the pool. I use to be a lil fish when I was younger. I am not real sure how this whole working out until 9PM working is going to work. I seem to not be able to fall asleep until around 1 when I do. Guess I can just try to be productive during this time or maybe an icebath to increase recovery time. I don't know but I'll have to figure something out.

Happy trails,

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